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What’s this website about?

Hi, I’m Lirit. I’m a Class 10 student. I write about my experiences being a student and a teenager having aspirations and dreams which sometimes collide with the pressure of being a student + more

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Recent articles

Get comfortable with failing and making mistakes.

Unless you get comfortable with failing and making mistakes in your life, honestly, you will never be able to truly enjoy life as it is. You’ll always either remain in a state of fear for committing a mistake or live in regret about something you’ve done earlier. What’s the point of such a life where…

Journal about your insecurities.

Trust me, you got to do this. Unless you journal and find out in depth about your insecurities, they’re gonna hang around you for your entire life and you’ll only have time to regret. It is important to know why you’re insecure in the first place in order to overcome it. You need to know…

My way of beating fear and overthinking

Just go do it. Don’t worry about the results of your action. Just walk there, and do it. Let the rest take care of itself. If it’s something you have to do, then just go do it. Trust your body, it knows to handle itself in difficult and pressurized situations – sometimes you may mess…

A person’s name.

I never thought that a person’s name meant to them so much. I had always neglected this fact and I would usually call people with either their nicknames or slang words like “bro” or “sis”. But today, I realized that I had all been wrong about this and that a person’s name is to the…

Quitting Instagram for over 20 days – the benefits and my experiences

I hate using Instagram (and uncontrolled social media usage) because I’ve learnt what type of an impact it has on our mental health – It is one of the hugest obstacles to achieving our goals and I could even feel like it was taking too much of my time. So I decided to detach myself…

You Are Not Happy

I value your time, so nothing written here involves wasting of your time. It’s all pure valuable information which if you spend some time reading (solid 8-10 minutes), could possibly change the way you look at your life forever. Things we’re gonna discuss: Concept of Instant and Delayed gratification Case study I Let’s create a…